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This online 4-Day training is for movers, dancers, yoga teachers, creatives, and coaches who are ready to learn and transform through the unique combination of dance yoga movement, and meditation.

Elevate your expression, and grow your confidence and your business by adding this life-enhancing euphoric dance training to any of your classes, programs, retreats, festivals, and workshops. 

Inspired by a 15-year practice of Shakti Dance, Meditation, Yoga, Street Dance, 5 Rhythms, Indian Dance, Voguing, and Bollywood

I proudly present The Euphoria Dance training!

This is NOT another dance course that you enroll in, learn a few new skills that you may use, and leave and move on to the next...


and you are invited to step into it.

Euphoria Dance has been recognized and featured in...

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Spend time being trained, led, and mentored by Dirish Shaktidas and guest experts with clear step-by-step progressions to develop your skills, confidence, creativity, and a joyful state of Living.

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  • Learn the History and Philosophy of Shiva & Shakti (divine masculine and feminine energy) Ecstatic Dance. Learn why it’s so powerful, energizing, and transformative to your life and your students/clients.

  • Learn the unique 8-phase Euphoria Dance system combined with somatics, shaking, movement medicine, mudras, mantras, and meditation.  

  • Develop and build your personal Euphoria Meditation practice for nervous system balancing with group support.

  • Learn the Power of Pranayama: The 5-breath system that is practiced to transform and bring participants into a blissful state.

  • Unlock the dance system's magic with Beats, Bars, and Breath Rhythms. Ignite momentum in sessions for powerful shifts for your body, mind, and soul.

  • Learn and practice different dance styles connected to the Chakras, elements and emotions.  Clear your energy releasing tension and anxiety through ecstatic expression.

  • You will be guided on how to prepare, run, and uniquely manage your sessions. Learn how to lead at all different levels.

  • Be guided on how to build sessions with confidence.

  • A Certificate on completion of the course. ​

“ This has been a transformational training and has given me more confidence and expression; it’s been a supportive powerful experience” ~ Euphoria Dance trainee


Dirish Shaktidas is a teacher trainer, coach, mentor, and author based in London, UK. He has worked with hundreds of people to create powerful shifts in their lives and businesses over the last 10 years. His vision is to raise the vibration of humanity by helping people consciously create freedom, joy, and expression by connecting with their highest potential. 

Working with the Euphoria Yoga & Dance system has given him the confidence to work with all areas of life. Through this practice,

applying the chakra system in life and business to create a vast amount of clarity, stability, growth, and quantum shifting!

Open to new and exciting opportunities life has to offer, he has traveled the world leading over 20 retreats worldwide, and studied with renowned teachers in wellness, energetics, yoga, and dance.



Over the 4 days, you are going to take your practice and teaching to new levels of effectiveness and power

Develop your unique voice, intuition, strengths, and capacity to facilitate others with joy,

ease, and confidence. You will be equipped to teach anyone, anywhere, with a vast range of yoga, dance, and movement meditation practices that will help you to serve the needs of your students/clients. Empower yourself with a toolbox of practices to meet any of life’s challenges.



  • Introduction to the Signature system.

  • Learn The 8 States of  
    Euphoria Dance so that you can lead a powerful practice.


  • Learn the foundation and Principles of Yoga and dance for your knowledge and expertise. 

  • Learn the 5 Elements and apply them in the practice for movement and elevation.

  • Daily live Mentoring session with Q&A

  • Group Practice Meditation


  •  The Beats, Bars & Breath Rhythms.

  • Learn how to create an effective and powerful soundscape with intention, mantra, and skills.

  • Practice Teach: Inspire and empower yourself through practice with your participants.

  • Daily live Mentoring session with Q&A

  • Group Practice Meditation


  • Building The Energy Body and Bliss States:

  • What are the Chakras in Dance? Learn to apply them in movement meditation and inner transformation. 

  • Learn the different
    dance styles linked to the specific Chakras in Dance. This will enable you to express, inspire, shift, and lift your participants.

  • Daily live Mentoring session with Q&A

  • Group Practice Meditation


  • Learn the Role of a Leader and apply yourself to start up your sessions.

  • Presentation of the Euphoria Dance system.

  • Final Group Practice Meditation 

  • Certification & Closing.

No prerequisites are required for the training course, but a qualification in Group Exercise, Yoga, Personal Training, or Dance is ideal.
Upon completion, you will receive:

EUPHORIA DANCE Certificate of Completion
EUPHORIA DANCE Instructor e-manual
EUPHORIA DANCE Instructional online videos
Access to the official Euphoria Dance playlists and music m

The EUPHORIA DANCE  Training consists of a theory assessment and practical assessment where you’ll need to get “signed off”. This means attending live Euphoria sessions and successfully assisting and guiding.

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This intensive dance training gives you the groundwork to get into the foundations of breath, movement music, and meditation. If you love ecstatic dance and want the sizzle and power of Shakti to rise and take your people to the next level, this is the training you have been waiting for.

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"My first class with Dirish blew me away I was so inspired and impressed by his wonderful fusion of Yoga and Dance. The way Dirish guides his students is so beautifully compassionate and encouraging." 

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“Dirish is a fantastic chakra yoga, dance and meditation teacher! His vibrant personality and quick wit and teach you incredibly nourishing practices to help bring a sense of balance and calm to your life. I’ve been to several of Dirish’s classes and events and he is so good at holding space, bringing yogic teachings to life, AND making it fun! Did I mention he can help balance your chakra energy centers too?!

Highly recommend him.”

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"Connect with breath love freedom flow and fun. I highly recommend any of Dirish’s classes or healing sessions and for everyone to have the chance of experiencing his magic it's a unique and unforgettable chance not to be missed. He gets your fire going and takes it higher…you have been warned!"

Training sessions will be held at BST time settings. 

All online Pod calls are scheduled and taken place via Zoom and recorded. 

Early Bird Offer £666+ VAT until 31/08/24
Standard Offer £777+ VAT 

*pricing plans available

Once registered for the training you will receive your pre-training materials and a reminder checklist to prepare you for the certification.



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What do I do after the Course?

Your Journey is completely your own and you will have me on hand to discuss your own personal options with you.

Upon successful completion of the certification, you will have two 5-star membership options to get you leading a Euphoria Dance in your city and beyond!

Still, have Questions?


If you are unable to attend your training you can request a transfer of ownership in the form of a ticket re-sale within 14 days from the date of purchase, you will be responsible for any price increases

(e.g. if you signed up the early bird but tickets are now at regular pricing.)

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